Stylish and Modern Chrome warmer to scent and gently illuminate any room in your home. Our wall plug warmer uses a low watt bulb (included) and fits into all standard electrical wall outlets. Use one "Daisy Melt" for the small tray to avoid overflowing. We recommend using wall plug warmers in your kitchen or bathrooms where wax can be kept out of reach from children and pets (above your counter top). To change out your fragrance allow wax to cool and become "cloudy" before scooping out with a spoon. If wax has completely hardened loosen the edge carefully with a spoon and discard the crumbled wax. The majority of the wax will pop out easily. Never attempt to remove your wall plug warmer when there is liquid wax in the tray to avoid spills and injury. Our electric warmers will melt our soy wax completely and provides a constant and pleasant aroma in any room in your home. Enjoy this wick free option!

Modern Brushed Chrome Pluggable Warmer

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