Sample several scents to decide which full size products to order next time! Uniquely combined cotton wick/organic wood wick provide a gentle crackling sound as the candle burns. NOTE: In rare cases the wood wick may not burn entirely as opposed to the paired cotton wick (see "Candle Care Instructions" at the bottom of this page). Wicks are pre-trimmed for safety and candle longevity. Burn time is 4-5 hours. Apothecary jars and travel tins contain the "Wood Wick" only, which can accommodate the large "wick clip" used to secure the wick.

Tea Light Sampler "Wood Wick"

  • NOTE: If the candle is moved or nudged once the wax becomes liquified it may cause the wood wick to drown in the wax extinguishing it's flame. Unlike the paired cotton wick, the wood wick is secured to the base of the candle with a non-toxic adhesive, not a wick clip. Regardless, the cotton wick will continue to burn the entire 4-5 hour time frame. Please DO NOT attempt to "fish out" the wood wick from the hot wax pool as it will just fall to the bottom away from the flame. As with all candles, do not leave your tea lights unattended and always place them in a proper, heat safe holder. Keep flame away from flammable objects, drafts, children, and pets. Wick has been pre-trimmed for safety and candle longevity. Wicksy Daisy uses tin tea light cups verses clear plastic tea light cups in order to avoid certain toxins and to prevent the chance of melting with extreme wax temperatures.

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