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ABOUT US . . .


Wicksy Daisy moved its home base from Wisconsin to Colorado as of March 2017.


Our Philosophy:


Wicksy Daisy Candle Co, LLC, established in 2015, is an eco-friendly company. All candles and melts are made with quality soy wax (soy beans harvested in the U.S), are completely dye free, and hand poured and hand packaged in Colorado. Wicksy Daisy uses the best candle making supplies available. Our products go through extensive testing & exceed most handmade and hand-poured standards such as centered wicks, smooth surfaces, and pristine packaging. Our lead free, cotton wicks and organic wood wicks are non-toxic, clean burning, and produce little to no soot when cared for properly (keep cotton wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch). We use the finest fragrance oils, which contain no harmful phthalates (see phthalate info below). Note: Soy wax cleans up easier from carpets and fabric with the use of soap and water.


We provide an assortment of Soy Candles, Wax Melts, and Electric Wax Warmers:


8 oz., 16oz., 24oz. apothecary jar candles, 5.3oz. travel tins, and wax melts for electric wax warmers. We strive to make pristine, quality candles and melts that burn clean and last much longer than petroleum based, paraffin candles (up to 3x longer). The soy wax melts are a wick free option and are designed for all types of warmers providing a lasting aroma for any room in your home. Our products are packaged beautifully with recyclable materials and always make the perfect gift.


Try our crackling wicks in our "Wood Wick" collection, and our cotton, lead free wicks from our "Daisy's Farmhouse" collection. We offer Limited Edition seasonal scents in the “Wood Wick" Collection from September-January.


Wicksy Daisy Candle Co welcomes you to experience the difference! Go to the PRODUCTS tab for a complete list of products. Go to the SHOP tab and choose from over 40 scent options!



Q/A Section:


What are Phthalates?


Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are esters of Phthalic acid. They are used to dissolve raw materials when making fragrance oils. They have been used for many decades in a myriad of pharmaceuticals, household and industrial products. Recently, there have been concerns that high levels of Phthalates can cause a host of health issues. It is not clear whether the levels that people encounter cause adverse effects, but it is crucial to us that our products don't pose any such risks.


While both the U.S. and Europe have imposed laws against Phthalates in children’s toys, (since they are put in the mouth) there are no rules against Phthalates in candles at this time. Nevertheless, Wicksy Daisy Candle Co. wants to offer the finest, healthiest products as possible and we choose NOT to use any Phthalates in our products as a safety precaution keeping with our strict quality control standards as an eco-friendly company.

What is a Lead Free, Cotton Wick?

One of the main concerns over candles is the wick. Different wicks are used for different purposes and they can be divided into two main categories: cored and non-cored wicks. Non-cored wicks are usually made of a braided or twisted cotton and considered the safest to burn.

Cored wicks are usually made of cotton around a paper or metal core. Zinc, tin, and lead are standard compounds used in its composition. Burning candles with lead-cored wicks is now known to cause lead poisoning, and there are similar concerns about zinc-cored wicks. In 1974, the National Candle Association of the U.S. voluntarily stopped using lead-cored wicks because of risks with airborne lead. Unfortunately, many countries outside of North America still produce candles using dangerous wicks.

Be aware that many candle manufacturers make claims for their candles or waxes that can’t be substantiated or are untrue. No candle is “soot-free” because combustion causes soot; however, beeswax and soy wax don’t produce sticky, black, petroleum-based soot.

Choosing Safe Candles:


Buy candles from trusted countries.  Imported candles often come from countries where they employ chemicals no longer used in North America because of health concerns. Beware of certain candles that are less expensive since you often get what you pay for.


​Why not Paraffin Wax?

Again, we've done our research and it is our strong opinion that soy wax is a safer alternative to many well known candle companies out there that use paraffin wax or paraffin blends. Stearic acid was once the only additive available for paraffin candles and is derived from either animal fat or palm oil. It is now often replaced with Vybar, a polymer which raises the melting point of paraffin, allows scents and colors to blend evenly in the wax, and gives the paraffin some of the qualities of more expensive waxes, such as soy, allowing candle makers to charge more for a cheap candle.

Product & Ingredient Research:

We encourage you to do your own research like we have to choose the best candles & wax melts for you whether that be soy, beeswax, paraffin, or all of the above. The views expressed above are our own views, as well as, information provided by reputable, published sources. Wicksy Daisy Candle Company, LLC does not take responsibility for any information that may be incorrect or false. All statements are true to our knowledge. We want to provide good and helpful information to educate the consumer on "healthy" candles and melts, such as ours, for your home.


Our Policies:


All orders are subject to tax and a shipping charge. We use USPS Priority Mail and Fed Ex, which ships within 5-7 business days upon the order being filled. Shipping cost will be added as a flat rate of $14.00 (12 items or less).


Sorry, we do not accept returns. If items are damaged during shipping we must be notified within three days of arrival. A replacement product will be promptly shipped once the damaged merchandise has been approved. We are not liable for damaged product due to climate conditions. Candles and melts can be damaged by extreme temperatures, such as, direct sunlight or humidity. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide delivery instructions to insure their package is safe.


Please take advantage of our $3.00 Tea Light Samplers in order to test and choose the best scent(s) for you. Our candles and melts have been tested for safety and quality, as well as, are packaged with the utmost care. Your satisfaction with our products is extremely important to us! Thank you for choosing Wicksy Daisy Candle Co!



Our Payment Methods:


We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.



Our Retail Locations:


Select Wicksy Daisy products are sold through one Colorado retailer. Two Wisconsin retailers are currently not replenishing their stock and are "sell through" only as of 2018. Full product line is only carried online.

Cowgirl Creations Willowcreek

145 N Cora St, Ridgway, CO 81432

(970) 626-4313

Four Seasons Craft Mall

1323 West Main Street

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 53590

(608) 825-3255


Simply Unique Home Decor

Studio B, 115 W. Main Street

Waunakee, Wisconsin 53597

(608) 843-8006


Wicksy Daisy 2019 Craft Fair Locations & Dates:

All 2020 Events sadly canceled due to COVID-19 (Highlands Ranch HRCA Spring/Fall Bazaar and  Schweiger Ranch Austrian Christmas Market).

Wholesale Pricing : IN STOCK ONLY until further notice due to COVID 19:


30% off wholesale pricing is available with large quantity orders that exceed $700 retail/$350 wholesale. U.S. Store Locations only.


*The wholesale discount has decreased from 50% to 30% since 2020 events were canceled at all event locations due to COVID 19. We are unable to purchase supplies in bulk quantities, therefore we are unable to pass on the savings to our wholesale customers. 


Wholesale pricing also available for special event party favors and company thank you gifts. Sales tax will be added for those without a wholesale license. Shipping fees are additional and will be determined after order is placed (typically $50-$70 shipping on most $350 wholesale orders).


Wholesale orders take longer than standard orders, approximately 10-14 days from when the order is placed. A PayPal invoice will be sent once the order is requested by email at Once payment is complete (with shipping costs TBD) the order will be non-refundable/changeable. A second invoice will be sent for shipping costs along with a tracking number through FED EX.


For additional information, before placing a wholesale order, please email owner and manager, Alyssa Alt. 



Thank you for your interest!


Owner/Manager, Alyssa Alt

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