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ABOUT US . . .


Our Philosophy:


Wicksy Daisy Candle Co, established in 2015, is a woman owned company and small business based in beautiful Colorado.


We have a passion for making the healthiest Candles & Wax Melts that are eco-friendly, hand poured, and hand packaged with the utmost care. We use the finest quality 100% soy wax (not a soy blend that often contains palm or coconut oils). The soy beans used for our products are harvested in the U.S. 

We use organic wood wicks that are non-toxic and clean burning. Because wooden wicks don't “mushroom” they provide little to no carbon, soot, and debris build up. Soot can be harmful to your health and discolor your walls and ceilings.


Our 5.3 oz. Wood Wick Travel Tin Candles burn 20+ hours. The 16 oz. Apothecary Jar Candles burn 60+ hours. The Limited Edition 24 oz. Apothecary Jar Candles burn 90+ hours. There is a significant savings per ounce the larger the candle size.


We use the finest phthalate free fragrance oils and no candle dyes to create the healthiest candles and wax melts possible. This is ideal for people who suffer from asthma, headaches, and allergies to "synthetic" smelling candles. All scents are created with custom blended (exclusive to Wicksy Daisy Candle Co.) fragrance oils so you will never smell another candle or wax melt on the market just like them. We pride ourselves on providing the most unique and best smelling candles!


Our pure, 100% soy candles last much longer than petroleum based, paraffin candles (they burn up to 3x longer). 100% Soy Candles are rated one of the top waxes in candle making for health and longevity. Wicksy Daisy candles and wax melts are Vegan and 100% cruelty free. 


Our Soy Wax Melts retain their scent for up to 2 weeks using our special blend of 100% soy wax (not the common petroleum based paraffin wax blend) and the optimal amount of oil to create a long lasting scent that stands out compared to other wax melts on the market.

The 100% soy wax melts are a wick-free option. They are designed for all types of electric wax warmers (see the styles we offer under the SHOP tab). Use 1-2 soy wax cubes in your plug-in wall warmer or standard electric wax melt warmer. Our 8 pack soy wax melts give you an average of 4 uses and up to 8 weeks of lasting fragrance.

Wicksy Daisy Candle Co. welcomes you to experience the difference! Our fragrant products, overall quality, and professional packaging are unparalleled.

Go to the HOME page to see what's popular or new for the season!


Go to the PRODUCTS tab for a complete list of products and pricing.


Go to the SHOP tab, choose the item you want, then use the drop down menu to see dozens of scent options! Seasonal scents for the Fall & Winter are now available year round as per your request!

Go to the CONTACT tab to ask any additional questions or to place a wholesale order (35% off travel tin candles and wax melts). See details below (minimum 60 piece order). You can also message us on Facebook@WicksyDaisyCandleCo.

Go to the REWARDS tab to earn points and get additional perks as our valued Wicksy Daisy customer! 

Most Frequently Asked Questions Q/A Section:

Can I light my wood wick candle with any type of match or lighter?

It is important to keep the wood wick free of wax and oil, which can saturate the wick and make it difficult to light or re-light. Never turn the candle on its side to light (when using a match or cigarette lighter). Instead use a longer matchstick or Grill Lighter in order to keep the candle on a solid service when lighting. Never move the candle while its lit to prevent oil from saturating the wood wick and to avoid injury.

Do I need to trim the wood wick?


The wood wick does not need trimming as long as the candle burns for the recommended time frame (typically no more than 4 hours at a time on a heat safe surface). If there is carbon build up at the tip of the wood wick or the wood wick is flaking into the wax you may gently trim off the carbon tip and tap out the excess from the candle tin or apothecary jar before lighting. Do not trim below the carbon build up as it may split or damage the wick permanently.

Why won't my wood wick light or stay lit this time?


If your wood wick candle won't stay lit and goes out soon after lighting, try lighting a second or third time using a hand held Grill Lighter or longer matchstick. Hold the flame over the wood wick until it catches fully. When its time to extinguish your candle (minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 4 hours for longevity and safety) blow out your candle instead of using a candle snuffer or the lid in order to avoid damaging the wick and discoloring the wax and container.


What are Phthalates?


Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are esters of Phthalic acid. They are used to dissolve raw materials when making fragrance oils. They have been used for many decades in a myriad of pharmaceuticals, household and industrial products. Recently, there have been concerns that high levels of Phthalates can cause a host of health issues. It is not clear whether the levels that people encounter cause adverse effects, but it is crucial to us that our products don't pose any such risks.


While both the U.S. and Europe have imposed laws against Phthalates in children’s toys, (since they are put in the mouth) there are no rules against Phthalates in candles at this time.

Be aware that many candle manufacturers make claims for their candles or waxes that can’t be substantiated or are untrue. No candle is “soot-free” because combustion causes soot; however, beeswax and soy wax don’t produce sticky, black, petroleum-based soot.

Choosing Safe Candles:


Buy candles from trusted countries. Imported candles often come from countries where they employ chemicals no longer used in North America because of health concerns. Beware of certain candles that are less expensive since you often get what you pay for.

​Why not Paraffin Wax?

Again, we've done our research and it is our strong opinion that soy wax is a safer alternative to many well known candle companies out there that use paraffin wax or paraffin blends. Stearic acid was once the only additive available for paraffin candles and is derived from either animal fat or palm oil. It is now often replaced with Vybar, a polymer which raises the melting point of paraffin, allows scents and colors to blend evenly in the wax, and gives the paraffin some of the qualities of more expensive waxes, such as soy, allowing candle makers to charge more for a cheap candle.

Product & Ingredient Research:

We encourage you to do your own research like we have to choose the best candles & wax melts for you whether that be those made from 100% soy wax, beeswax, coconut wax, paraffin wax, or a wax blend. The views expressed are our own views, as well as, information provided by reputable, published online sources. Wicksy Daisy Candle Co. does not take responsibility for any information that may be incorrect or false. All statements are true to our knowledge. We want to provide good and helpful information to educate the consumer on "healthy" candles and wax melts.


Our Policies:


All orders are subject to tax and a shipping charge. We use USPS Priority Mail and Fed Ex, which ships within 5-7 business days upon the order being filled. Shipping cost will be added as a flat rate of $20.00 (Excludes wholesale items and orders of 12 items or more).


*For a limited time we offer Free Shipping on orders of $120 or more (excludes wholesale items and orders of 12 items or more). We also offer Free Doorstep Delivery to Monument, Colorado residents only (no outside areas). See options at checkout.


Sorry, we do not accept returns. If items are damaged during shipping we must be notified within three days of arrival. A replacement product will be promptly shipped once the damaged merchandise has been approved. We are not liable for damaged product due to climate conditions. Candles and melts can be damaged by extreme temperatures, such as, direct sunlight or humidity. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide delivery instructions to insure their package is safe.


Our candles and melts have been tested for safety and quality, as well as, are packaged with the utmost care. Your satisfaction with our products is extremely important to us! Thank you for choosing Wicksy Daisy Candle Co!


Our Payment Methods:


We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Wholesale Options:

Wholesale pricing is available for Special Event Gifts (weddings, baby & bridal showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties). Company or Client thank you gifts (Real Estate agents, Local Businesses, etc.)

Enjoy 35% off regular retail prices on candle tins or wax melts only ($14 each regular retail price). Wholesale price on candle tins and wax melts is $9.10 each on a minimum $546 wholesale priced order (60 candle tins or wax melts at $9.10 each). Custom labels available. Option to choose a different scent for each 20 count of candle tins or wax melts. 

For Example you may choose your favorite Wicksy Daisy scent for all 60 units or choose multiple scents in increments of 20 (3 scents with the minimum 60 unit order).


Sales tax will be added based on the shipping address. The shipping cost is additional and will be determined after order is requested at


Wholesale orders take longer than standard orders, approximately 10-14 days from when the order is placed. A PayPal invoice will be emailed once the order is requested and finalized. Once the order and shipping cost is paid in full, the wholesale order will be non-refundable/changeable. 


For additional information on wholesale orders please email us at

Wicksy Daisy Upcoming Events:

To stay up to date on local Wicksy Daisy events please follow us on Facebook @WicksyDaisyCandleCo. 

Thank you for your interest!


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